Security is not a flat solution, but a multi-tiered process that involves many different components. Positron Security can help you at any and all levels of this process to produce a minimal-risk system. If you are buying a new server, writing a new website, or just want your existing infrastructure audited, we can fulfill your security needs. The earlier you take security into consideration, the easier it will be on your team and your technology.

Remember, your online business is only as secure as...

Your server
A vulnerable server will let attackers in at the ground floor of your infrastructure. From here they can wreak havoc on just about any aspect of your business, from spying on your email to intercepting credit card and billing information. Professional attackers won't leave a trace of their presence, leaving you unaware there is even a problem. Server level attacks can be insidious and easy to miss, which is why this is the first place you need to consider security.

Positron Security can help you design a new server or audit your existing server. If you don't have a server yet, we will work with you to determine who would be the best host for your needs.

Your workstation
Insecure user habits have become common-place in the working world and the home. Operating systems and anti-virus programs do their part to protect us from malware, but they do not catch everything. It's important to get into secure habits with your workstation, or the workstations of your employees. Steps like limiting administrator access and having a protocol for monitoring and rapidly deploying security patches are vital, necessary, and often overlooked. A compromised workstation can very easily undermine your security efforts in all other parts of your business.

Your application
Positron Security employs a team of experienced and talented software engineers and web designers capable of meeting the most challenging web development needs across many architectures. We offer secure web development as one of our core services. Not many web development firms advertise their service as "secure web development," and this is because many web development firms in business today are not as security conscious as they need to be. Whether you're accepting credit card numbers, email addresses, or just names, security needs to be present at all stages of design, development, deployment, and administration of your website.

At Positron Security, we will work with you to understand your needs and build a website for you that is secure, stable, and does exactly what you need it to. You can be confident that all website code engineered by us is secure, and any open source packages we install for you have been thoroughly scrutinized to meet our standards.

Your people
The most powerful password encryption algorithm can be brought down by a simple Post-It note. Your employees need to understand how to work with your security policy, and not against it. While most organizations struggle in getting their people to follow policy, we are experienced in teaching even advanced topics to everyday people. With properly trained users, your organization will see a dramatic drop in spyware incidents and compromised passwords.