Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is the key to ensuring information security controls and processes are up to industry standards. Without it, your organization may be blind to deficiencies that can result in fraud, stolen product designs, and lost consumer confidence. Any one of these is enough to damage the company bottom line, or worse, threaten its ability to compete effectively. A professional penetration test will help recalibrate your prevention, detection, and reaction mechanisms so that intrusions are no longer a threat.

Positron Security offers three types of penetration testing:

External penetration testing
In this type, we act like external hackers. Any publicly-available information resources are a target, such as your websites, network services, and VPNs. The goal is to defeat external defenses, exploit weaknesses, and gain internal access all while while evading detection mechanisms.
Internal penetration testing
Here, we test the security of your networks from the inside, acting just like a rogue employee or piece of malware running on a desktop would. The goal is to obtain sensitive information, such as trade secrets, product designs, financial information, and customer information by leveraging weak internal controls.
Web application penetration testing
Because web applications can be complex, they can benefit from focused attention that can't be given during the course of external or internal penetration testing. We use the industry-standard OWASP Top Ten as a guide, in combination with our extensive experience to document deficiencies in web application security.

All findings, along with proof-of-concept examples, references, and solutions are documented in a final report.

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