Let's Talk About SSH Configuration Hardening...

    A lot of administrators install the SSH service and assume its in top shape. What they don’t realize is that system packages tend to be optimized for compatibility, not security. While a lot of systems include defaults that are fine for most cases, there is still a lot of room for improvement–especially for high-security environments. Depending on how old the package for your distribution is, the default configuration may have the following problems:  [ Read more... ]

    SSH MITM v1.0 Released!

    A few months ago on an internal pentest, I wanted to do an MITM attack on SSH tunnels to capture credentials. Besides the out-dated SSHv1 downgrade trick, the only thing I could find was the JMITM2 tool. But not only was it last updated in 2004, I couldn’t get it to work either. So I sat down and wrote a patch for OpenSSH v7.5p1 (the latest version) to make it do what I want.  [ Read more... ]

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